Welcome to Cushing Systems Inc.

Our Products

Everything from the 911 call to the release from Jail – Cushing Systems proudly presents the Public Safety Information Management System (PSIMS) which features a “Single Source Solution” for all Law Enforcement needs. All data together for all disciplines! Built and constantly maintained on the most current technologies, our software keeps current with the evolving needs of and mandates of the public safety environment.

Our People

All Cushing Systems employees come with significant experience in Law Enforcement and Public Safety. Our customer support personnel have actual “Real Life Experience” as officers, dispatchers, command staff, EMTs and firefighters. They all have been involved in technology support roles with their various agencies. We learn how you work by being constantly on site – we see your job requirements and try to develop systems to match!

Our Promise

Cushing systems only develops Law Enforcement and Public Safety products. We are not and will not be distracted by having to be part of a whole, PSIMS is the whole. We will focus solely on providing products for everything from the 911 call to the release from Jail. We don’t pretend to do it all and will work with your other vendors to give you a fully integrated solution.


  • Civil Papers
  • Garnishments—Income and Property Executions
  • Warrant Entry
  • Gun/Pistol Permits
  • Civil Bank Account Management
  • Link to many Jail systems for inmate checks
  • Connection to State/NCIC for Fingerprint and Background checks
  • Clear, concise record views
  • Highly detailed content
  • Detailed activity logs

A complete solution for the civil office. Paper service entry and tracking with a mobile interface for serving officers. Automated checks of jail population for parties to be served reduce unnecessary service attempts to already incarcerated persons. Income and property executions (garnishments) are full supported with full accounting and banking services. Gun or Pistol permits are maintained with automated State and NCIC background checks.