About Cushing Systems Inc.

Cushing Systems Inc. (CSi) develops and supports a full line of software solutions specifically for all Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and countywide Public Safety agencies. The company was founded in 1998 by Austin J. Donaghy. Mr. Donaghy continues to oversee product development and management of all CSi products and services.

Serving all aspects of law enforcement activity from the 911 call to the release from jail, the CSi product suite provides a single source solution that fully integrates data from all departments in one view. Data sharing with all the necessary safeguards. CSi takes pride its ability to connect to or integrate with any public safety product vendor where such cooperation provides the customer with an enhanced capability as a result of smoother, simpler operation.

Never type the same word twice.

Tom Doyle
Chief Operating Officer,
Sales, Marketing and
Business Development

Tom comes to CSi with 20 years’ experience managing sales, tele-sales, marketing, business development and customer service. In addition to promoting our products, he also monitors the emerging technologies and their requirements in the public safety sphere.

Robert Bryant
VP - Customer Support

Robert joined us following a career as a Sheriff’s Deputy, Civil Process Manager and Jail Supervisor. He also provided customer support for mapping systems, and the PSIMS system for one of our resellers.

Austin Donaghy
Product Manager

Austin has been developing commercial software all his career, specifically for Law Enforcement and Public Safety since 1984. Most of his working hours have been spent on-site in police stations, dispatch centers, sheriff offices and jails; watching how the officers and staff do their work, all the time designing and building products to suit the job at hand.

Aquarius Rising Inc.

Aquarius Rising Inc. as a software development contracting company owned by Dave Frederiksen who is a Law Enforcement Records Management specialist and NIBRS expert. Aquarius Rising is permanently retained by Cushing Systems Inc.

Birch Point Software, LLC

Birch Point Software LLC specializes in application development across many business lines. They provide Cushing Systems Inc. with development support for many new release or technology upgrades of all PSIMS products.